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A must have plugin for your users medical healthcare information in real-time. The only plugin for users real-time medical data into your WordPress website.


The only WP plugin to add real-time medical healthcare graph and reports into your posts, pages, custom post-types.


#1 most popular real-time medical healthcare WP plugin power you to simplify your health problems.


It is fast & saves time. Very easy to use, needs no coding. Experience the magic behind WP real-time medical healthcare plugin with DEMO & Video overview above.


Work with any pages, posts, custom post-types. SEO friendly. Easily extendable with API. works with any themes. Woo-compatible. Multisite support.


Medical Healthcare Report

You can display the below information as medical healthcare report, graph, chart, table, list using this plugin into post, page, custom post-type, widgets, shortcodes:

  • Get the blood glucose measurement from a specific point in time.
  • Get all blood glucose readings
  • Get the blood oxygen measurement from a specific point in time.
  • Get all blood oxygen readings
  • Get the blood pressure measurement from a specific point in time.
  • Get all blood pressure readings
  • Get the BMI measurement from a specific point in time.
  • Get all BMI readings
  • Get the body fat measurement from a specific point in time.
  • Get all body fat readings
  • Get the heart rate measurement from a specific point in time.
  • Get all heart rate readings
  • Get a list of daily heart rate summaries for a user.
  • Get a list of heart rate summaries
  • Get a heart rate summary by date
  • Get the height measurement from a specific point in time.
  • Get all height readings
  • Get summary object for a person’s latest wellness metrics.
  • Get the user’s location at a specific point in time.
  • The Meals resource contains detailed data about nutrition consumed by the human separated by date and type: breakfast/lunch/dinner/other/morning_snack/afternoon_snack/after_dinner.
  • The Profile resource contains reference attributes that are convenient when you link a local app user from your application with a Human API user.
  • Sleep resources are segments of sleep that occur during a specific period of time.
  • Get a list of daily sleep summaries reported by the data sources.
  • Get a list of sleep summaries
  • Get a single sleep summary by date
  • Get the weight measurement from a specific point in time.
  • Get all weight readings
  • Get a list of users


  • WP plugin to display real-time health data & chart using HumanAPI
  • It helps you access your health data from your wearable health gadgets.
  • This health information can be used in any e-commerce, CRM, ERP etc to increase sales.
  • Increase sale by promoting user specific products according to health information.
  • Connect and share real-time health data from every where.
  • Engage users to share their health data.
  • Embed users health data into pages and posts.
  • A secure way to find and share users health information.
  • Connect your health providers today to access historical information.
  • Automatically get updated information through API.
  • Centralize users medical information.
  • Users data is safe with us. It’s a HIPAA compliant API.
  • You are in control of your data.

Access to HumanAPI

First, you’ll need credentials for the Portal. Please contact to create applications on your behalf. An application in Human API is a container that holds users and their data, and allows for custom configuration options. Each application has a specific set of keys found on the application’s settings page that you’ll need for development, as Client ID : Unique ID of the application container; Client Secret : Secret value for the application container.

Healthcare Providers

Below are the supported healthcare providers.

  1. 23andMe
  2. Apple Health
  3. Azumio
  4. DailyMile
  5. FatSecret
  6. Fitbit
  7. Garmin
  8. Google Fit
  9. iHealth
  10. Jawbone
  11. MapMyFitness
  12. Microsoft Health
  13. Misfit
  14. Movable
  15. Moves
  16. MyFitnessPal
  17. Nokia
  18. RunKeeper
  19. Strava
  20. Striiv
  21. VitaDock


You can view the video tutorials on Youtube as below:

Installation: click.

Usage: click.

You can find this Medium article also helpful to understand this plugin.



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