Get a list of medical encounters the user has had so far

Product URL: WP Medical Healthcare Records

  • Patient: Patient information (“name” and other optional attributes)
  • Start Date: The original start date and time of the measurement
  • End Date: The original end date and time of the measurement
  • Source: The name of the originating service
  • Appointment Type: The type of visit
  • Provider: The provider for the encounter
  • Prescriptions: A list of prescriptions provided during the encounter
  • Diagnoses: A list of diagnoses for the encounter
  • Vital Signs: A list of vital signs from the encounter
  • Name: The name of the encounter
  • Status: The status of the encounter
  • Severity: The severity of the encounter
  • Medications: A list of medications used by the patient.
  • Organization: Name of organization
  • Codes: Medical codes of allergen

Get all medical encounters readings history, you can search, filter & share with your doctor, physicians, hospital accordingly.