WP Replication Load Balancer IoT Realtime Backup for High Availability


WP plugin for highly available Wordpress website by replication and load balancers. It works with any Linux distribution, AWS, Google Cloud Platform. It ensures zero downtime of your Wordpress website using master-slave architechture.

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  • With this WordPress plugin, you can easily setup a highly available WordPress website by replication and load balancers.
  • You can use it in any linux distribution, AWS, Google Cloud Platform etc.
  • Ensure zero downtime of your WordPress website, store.
  • stores your data across multiple geographically distant Availability Zones.
  • disaster recovery database backup.
  • master-slave where the master handles the write transactions and the slave server only reads the data into a mirrored database.
  • load balancer sends requests to the server that can handle each transaction with the best performance.
  • If your customers are in two geographic locations, you can minimize latency in accessing objects
  • Provides for quick recovery if one database server experiences a failure
  • Allows for load balancing across the multiple database servers
  • By spreading data across multiple machines, users can ensure that their application data continues to be available even in the event of a hardware failure.


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