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ZEND PHP 5 Certification

We have the seventeenth Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE) from Bangladesh. This is the topmost certification on PHP from Zend, the developer of this outstanding scripting language.

Reg. no: 231537629

Candidate Id: ZEND011602

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  • SAAS based micro service real estate management system. It has online editable area for mobile application screen. Content management system, IoT with remote Restful API. Job worker queue.
  • Car rental service.
  • Reservation system for Japanese dormitory. It also uses custom firebase system for chat, RESTful API using Oauth 2.0 and JWT token.
  • SAAS based microservice ERP system and billing application: There is bkash, surecash, dbbl nexus payment gateway api. mikrotik api integration, sms gateway api integration.
  • Australian Universities graduation souvenir system. It also has a standalone API to communicate with the system mobile application.
  • WP plugin for supply chain management.
  • CRM on AngularJS, NodeJS, MongoDB like relateiq or zohocrm.
  • Vending machine management system.
  • CVCRM for graduate students..
  • We use codeigniter for USA perfume shop. The site has store locator, blog, forum, event section with video etc.
  • Website is for New York video school .We use smarty, smf, and wordpress in this project.
  • SEO management tools: This is an SEO site made with raw php. It shows different search engine optimization features of a site.
  • Location based application: This application is developed by Phonegap(Cordova). It uses Linkedin API system.
  • Cloud Server setup and management: Rackspace, Amazon cloud server setup, configuration, security, efficiency. I have managed several windows and linux based servers.
  • Load Balancer for Cloud Servers and CDN setup: We have worked custom load balancer with Master-Slave architecture, replication in AWS, GCP or manual Linux machine.
  • Social Networking Site : This is a multi-lingual social networking site. It is built with symfony framework. This site has a mobile compatible site also, which is developed with jQuery mobile.
  • Auction site : This is a social networking plus auction site. This site is made with phpizabi and webid.
  • Amazon data export/import tool: This is online store. We have worked for the integration of this website with using amazon API.
  • Site for Ksino : This is an ecommerce site made with prestashop and wordpress. This site is for Ksino Company.
  • This is an ecommerce site made with prestashop and Codeigniter. This site will enable it’s users to create their own shop.
  • Location based social networking website : This is a social networking site made with codeigniter and google map API.
  • PrivateInvestigators : This is an auction site for investigators.
  • To-let : This is a auction site made with Joomla for tolet management.
  • Google chrome extension : I have made a google chrome extension which shows Alexa ranking, compete page rank, google page rank, yahoo backlinks of the current tab.
  • SEO Control Center: This is an in-house project. It is a SEO web software. It has keyword suggestion tool, metamanager etc. We use codeigniter, jquery, jqgrid for this site. We use codeigniter, alexa api, google adwards keyword tool for this.
  • Data Acquisition System: The system will collect data from various stations and then transmits the data to Indian Meteorological Station. At first, the client asked us to use Java Servlet, Spring Framework. But later they recommend us to use PHP, CakePHP.
  • Monitoring System: This system monitors every works of the employees. We use CakePHP for this project.
  • We work with codeigniter, webid, oscommerce, x-cart, prestashop, opencart.

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  • Author of Packt publishing: book ‘Opencart 1.4 Template Design Cookbook’ and ‘Joomla! 1.6 Mobile Development Beginner’s Guide’.
  • book on ‘Mobile Joomla!’ with Kuena, Finland.


  • Ability to mentor a team with technical expertise from scratch and guide them to meet deadline with appropriate project plan.
  • Capable to work under pressure to meet deadline and maintain standard procedure to implement a project.
  • Ability to multi-task and meet deadlines. We have guided two or three teams to develop respective project in a standard way by maintaining proper software life cycle.
  • Implement well documented approach on project work.
  • Strictly maintain quality, time and performance for production deployment of a project.
  • Strong commercial skills in PHP, MySQL, Smarty, JavaScript, Ajax, XHTML, XML, LAMP environment, Shell scripts, Doctrine ORM, AngularJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, Mongoose,, Webpack, React, Ruby, Python, Rails, Django.
  • We have proficient skill on server management, security, load balancer, master-slave architecture and CDN. AWS services, GCP services, serverless, master-slave replication.
  • We have started working on Android application and games development with Java.
  • Experience with creating and consuming RESTful APIs.
  • Sound understanding of W3C standards and best practices.
  • Advanced understanding of database environments and MySQL database.
  • Working experience with the following technologies: SEO, XML-RPC, SQLITE, PDO, Simplexml, SOAP, CSS, JSON, jQuery, jQuery mobile.
  • We have professional experience with Phonegap. I have application for iPhone devices using this.
  • Experience with Apache web server and Slice host server management.
  • We are familiar with CMMI level 3 and always have implemented Agile software development life cycle.
  • Accustomed with well documented software development.
  • We have proficiency in scalability and optimizing server performance.
  • We have working experience on creating google chrome extension.
  • We have worked with Laravel, CakePHP, Symfony, Zend, Codeigniter, WordPress, Magento, smarty, Paypal, phpizabi, Facebook application.
  • Other tools and specialization: DBdesigner Fork for data modeling tool, Xamp, ecplise IDE, Netbeans IDE, phpedit, Jmeter for regression testing, Fireworks, javascript debugger.

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We have attended a workshop on WTO Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measure.

We have given technical speech on PHPXperts 2011, BASIS Softexpo 2012, BASIS Digital World 2014 & 2015.

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