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This application is build for Internet Service Providers to manage their clients more efficiently. It integrates Mikrotik API. So you do not have to log into your Mikrotik router every time to perform simple tasks like creating user, changing user package, enable, disable and removing user from Mikrotik. You can do all these from your WP admin panel. WP Mikrotik is a simple, straightforward application to manage ISP.

WP Mikrotik is designed with easy-to-use yet powerful interface allowing network administrators to deploy network structures and functions, that would require long education elsewhere simply by WordPress plugin.

Bandwidth Management

With WP Mikrotik, we can mange the Simple Queue system. Queuing is a mechanism that controls bandwidth allocation, delay variability, timely delivery, and delivery reliability. The queuing can be used for limiting the bandwidth for certain IP addresses, protocols or ports. The queuing is performed for packets leaving the router through an interface. It means that the queues should always be configured on the outgoing interface regarding the traffic flow. If there is a desire to limit the traffic arriving at the router, then it should be done at the outgoing interface of some other router. One of the ways to avoid network traffic jams is usage of traffic shaping in large networks. Traffic shaping and bandwidth allocation is implemented in the MikroTik RouterOS as queuing mechanism. Thus, the network administrator is able to allocate a definite portion of the total bandwidth and grant it to a particular network segment or interface. Also the bandwidth of particular nodes can be limited by using this mechanism.


MikroTik RouterOS™ is independent Linux-based Operating System for IA-32 routers and thinrouters. But WP Mikrotik turns a standard WordPress website into a powerful network router. We can control remotely easily in real-time with our plugin.

Application Programmable Interface (API) allows users to create custom software solutions to communicate with RouterOS to gather information, adjust configuration and manage router. API closely follows syntax from command line interface (CLI). It can be used to create translated or custom configuration tools to aid ease of use running and managing routers with RouterOS.

The simplest way to limit data rate for specific IP addresses and/or subnets, is to use simple queues. We can manage Queue and ARP create, edit, delete, enable, disable. PPPoE is used mainly by ISPs to control client connections for xDSL and cable modems as well as plain Ethernet networks. You can add, edit, remove, enable, disable PPPoE connections with this WP plugin. HotSpot is a way to authorize users to access some network resources, but does not provide traffic encryption. We manage HotSpot add, edit, delete, enable, disable using our WP plugin.


This simple PHP class enables you

  1. Add a mikrotik connection
  2. Get all mikrotik users
  3. Check unique IP or username in mikrotik
  4. Count all mikrotik users
  5. Delete mikrotik users
  6. Disable a mikrotik connection
  7. Enable a mikrotik connection
  8. Add a Hotspot connection
  9. Enable a Hotspot connection
  10. Disable a Hotspot connection
  11. Update IP address
  12. Update Password
  13. Update Profile
  14. Update Interface
  15. Update mac-address
  16. Update bandwidth
  17. Update Internet username
  18. Enable a pppoe connection
  19. Disable a PPPoE connection
  20. Add a PPPoE connection
  21. Get profile list in mikrotik
  22. Check is mikrotick connected
  23. Get interface list in mikrotik
  24. Get info by IP or Username in mikrotik


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