How to Create Simple Queue Statistics Report

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How to Create Simple Queue Statistics Report

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Simple Queue Packets Usage Report: Packet upload, Packet download, Total Packet upload, Total Packet download.

Simple Queue Byte Usage Report: Byte upload, Byte download, Total Byte upload, Total Byte download.

Simple Queue Rate Usage Report: Rate upload, Rate download, Total Rate upload, Total Rate download.

Simple Queue Packet Rate Usage Report: Packet Rate upload, Packet Rate download, Total Packet Rate upload, Total Packet Rate download.

Simple Queue Queued Packet Usage Report: Queued Packet upload, Queued Packet download, Total Queued Packet upload, Total Queued Packet download.

Simple Queue Queued Byte Usage Report: Queued Byte upload, Queued Byte download, Total Queued Byte upload, Total Queued Byte download.

Simple Queue Dropped Usage Report: Dropped upload, Dropped download, Total Dropped upload, Total Dropped download.

Please go to WP Mikrotik > Static Users.

WP Mikrotik Queue Tab
WP Mikrotik Queue Tab

Please see the Simple queue users statistics report.

WP Mikrotik Queue Report
WP Mikrotik Queue Report

ID: identification number for simple queue user.

Name: Unique queue identifier that can be used as parent option value for other queues.

Packets: number of packets processed by this queue.

Target: list of IP address ranges that will be limited by this queue.

Rate: average queue passing data rate in bytes per second.

Max-limit: maximal upload/download data rate that is allowed for a target to reach to reach what.

Burst-limit: maximal upload/download data rate which can be reached while the burst is active.

Burst-time: period of time, in seconds, over which the average upload/download data rate is calculated.

Burst-threshold: when average data rate is below this value – burst is allowed, as soon as average data rate reach this value – burst is denied.

Limit-at: normal upload/download data rate that is guaranteed to a target.

Queue: the type of the upload/download queue.

Packet-rate: average queue passing data rate in packets per second

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