How to Create Simple Queue User

How to Create Simple Queue User

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Please go to WP Mikrotik > Add Queue.

WP Mikrotik Queue Tab
WP Mikrotik Queue Tab

Please fill the form.

WP Mikrotik Queue Form
WP Mikrotik Queue Form

Please enter name. Unique queue identifier that can be used as parent option value for other queues.

Please enter connection date. It is the connection creation date.

Please enter IP Address.  list of IP address ranges that will be limited by this queue.

Please enter max-limit. maximal upload/download data rate that is allowed for a target to reach to reach what.

Please enter burst-limit. maximal upload/download data rate which can be reached while the burst is active.

Please enter burst-time. period of time, in seconds, over which the average upload/download data rate is calculated.

Please enter burst-threshold. when average data rate is below this value – burst is allowed, as soon as average data rate reach this value – burst is denied.

Please enter limit-at. normal upload/download data rate that is guaranteed to a target.


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