17 Best WooCommerce Product Reviews Plugins

Below are the list of best plugins for WooCommerce products and others:

  1. WOOCOMMERCE AJAX REVIEWS : Product reviews are extremely powerful selling tools. Customers look at product reviews before purchasing. Display WooCommerce product reviews without page refresh in ajax. This plugin helps you get more sales. Encourage your customers leave product reviews and increase conversion of your shop. Customers can view comments and ratings easily and quickly without any delay in real-time. It offers something more than the traditional displaying of product review and rating. Research states that other users’ reviews are the primary information, together with product price obviously, that drives them to buy an item or not. Let your users discover what other users say about the product. Display ajax pagination. Display total page number in ajax. Current page number in ajax. slim and thin stylish pagination style. It offers something more than the traditional displaying of product review and rating.

2. YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews: With the YITH WooCommerce Advanced Review system, you let your customer leave reviews of the product they choose and acquire more sales. You can create a histogram table for reviews of different kinds of products. You can add rich snippets, let customers add titles and attach images while writing product reviews and add a review statistics bar so your customer can rate products based on the rating system.

3. Customer Reviews For WooCommerce : Customer reviews for WooCommerce will encourage your customers to leave reviews and increase conversion of your shop, and it also enables you to send automatic review reminders for customers who recently a product from your shop. The aggregated review form will allow your customers to review all the products from their orders on a single page.

4. WooCommerce reviews plugin by Wiremo: Wiremo is a convenient customer review plugin aimed to help consumer-centric teams improve their products and make their team more effective by listening to their most substantial asset – customers. Fully customizable style, color, size of stars, buttons and review form to make sure your Wiremo widget fits your website’s design. On top of the theme-friendly design, you can choose from many languages, many notification systems and ways to approve your reviews. Your visitors can use their own social media accounts to log in and write reviews. This is how Wiremo connects you and your customers and creates lasting friendships.

5. Disable WooCommerce Reviews Plugin: This plugin will disable WooCommerce product reviews across your entire shop. Compatible with all versions of WooCommerce, including 3.x (latest). There are no settings, simply activate the plugin and you’re all set. Deactivate the plugin at any time to re-enable WooCommerce reviews. It will allow you to disable WooCommerce product review across your entire shop and it works for all the types of products. You can quickly revert the change anytime you want.

6. Yotpo Social Reviews for WooCommerce: Gaining excellent leverage to user-generated content, website owners are more focused towards directing communication to the best interest of their customers. Yotpo Social Review for WooCommerce is one such plugin that creates your online web store on a social platform. It has recently launched its WooCommerce extension. According to WooThemes, otpo allows customers to direct traffic to a certain website by allowing customers to post their very own reviews on social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. It provides a wide range of features to store owners leveraging them in comparison to past customers generated content.

7. WooCommerce Reviews Manually Approved : With this plugin, newly written WooCommerce product reviews will be in a pending (hold) status until manually approved.Product reviews in WooCommerce are immediately available for everyone to see (this can’t be changed without this plugin). WooCommerce ignores the WordPress “comment must be manually approved” discussion setting. With this plugin, new product reviews must be manually reviewed and approved before being visible on the front-end.

8. Rating-Widget Star Review System : You can now integrate a star based voting system to your reviews with just a handful of clicks from your WordPress Dashboard. This plugin enables you to decorate your front-end reviews with beautiful ratings. A good rating system helps the viewer to identify which product can be categorized based on quality.

9. WordPress Rate Everything Star Rating Plugin : Posting a review or creating a tab or widget for a product review on your WooCommerce website is one thing but how would it feel if you acquire a totally separate plugin for sorting these reviews accordingly? Yes, WordPress Rate Everything Star Rating Plugin allows customers to group all reviews in accordance with their preferences, irrespective of how you wish to sort them. You can sort them according to ratings, date and even time of the post.

10. Site Reviews: Site Reviews allows your visitors to submit reviews with a 1-5 star rating on your website, similar to the way you would on TripAdvisor or Yelp. The plugin provides blocks, shortcodes, and widgets, along with full documentation. You can pin your best reviews so that they are always shown first, require approval before new review submissions are published, require visitors to be logged-in in order to write a review, send custom notifications on a new submission, and much more.

11 . Photo Reviews for WooCommerce : WooCommerce Photo Review help you to allow your customer to post reviews include photos. With photo reviews, your store will have social proof, increase the trust of customers for product quality. Allows customers to post reviews include photos, Send email after successful purchase to ask for reviews, Create coupon and send to customer after reviews are approved.

12. SIP Reviews Shortcode for WooCommerce : At times, the need to market and promote a specific product from a normal post or page becomes mandatory. Now, one way of doing so is to copy/paste your product reviews, but guess what? The plugin comes with several features. Your product reviews are displayed at the location of your choice using a shortcode. With SIP, you can now add schema based on name, pricing and rating anywhere on your review page or post with shortcodes.

13. WP Product Review Lite: WP Product review encompasses high customizability features. If you are seeking to transform your basic posts into in-depth reviews containing ratings, pros & cons, affiliate links, rich snippets, etc., then WP Product Review Lite is the best choice. The free version is available for download at ThemeIsle.

14. Ultimate Reviews : If you are searching for simplicity, then Ultimate Reviews plugin fits your need best. It is a simple WooCommerce review plugin that enables customers to leave feedback, ratings, and reviews on different kinds of products available on your WooCommerce web store. Ultimate Review Plugin lets you maximize score and allow other text inputs from a drop-down selection menu. It allows you to add the date and author of the review.

15. WooDiscuz – Woocommerce Comments : WooDiscuz boosts your sales! How does it do that? It’s simple. It brings life to your fading stores, keeps customers on track and engaged. It allows your shop visitors to observe customer activity and comes with highly customizable features. Observing the diverse demographics using E-commerce platforms for buying products, it has been found that over 90 percent of the online shop visitors wish to ask questions, discuss features and gain other buyers’ advice before making a sale/purchase. With WooDiscuz, you can now add an effective review system based on comments and discussion tabs to your Woocommerce web store.

16. Taqyeem – WordPress Review Plugin: With Taqyeem one of the best WordPress review plugins for the integration of a system of user reviews and presentation of product reviews. The assessment capabilities are a good way to assess your customers happy, on your website or other media. In online commerce, evaluations can also serve as recommendations for potential customers. In addition, evaluations, which can be presented in Google results, also add value to search results.

17. TWB WooCommerce Review : With TWB Woocommerce Review you can now set your reviews according to product preferences. This plugin is highly customizable and is addictively responsive. With TWB, you can add your own CSS3 custom styles to your review post/pages. It comes in two different layouts; Sliders and Lists. Slider layout contains Slide Effect and Fade Effect for review widgets, folds, posts, etc. whereas, List layout is categorized into single columns, double columns, and triple columns.

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