15 Best Network Bandwidth Internet ISP WP Plugins and Themes

1.WP Mikrotik IoT Plugin for Realtime Network Management :

This application is build for Internet Service Providers to manage their clients more efficiently. It integrates Mikrotik API. So you do not have to log into your Mikrotik router every time to perform simple tasks like creating user, changing user package, enable, disable and removing user from Mikrotik. You can do all these from your WP admin panel. WP Mikrotik is a simple, straightforward application to manage ISP. You can get it from Garazlab.com : Best Cheapest Code Script and Theme Marketplace. It’s price is $1/month. You will get 5 years professional service for this plugin.

WP Mikrotik is designed with easy-to-use yet powerful interface allowing network administrators to deploy network structures and functions, that would require long education elsewhere simply by WordPress plugin.

2. Hosting Bandwidth Calculator :

This plugin calculates the amount of monthly hosting bandwidth you’ll need for your site. It takes the web page size (read from the URL given by the user), and with the user input for monthly page views, it then calculates the monthly hosting bandwidth needed. This is will be displayed as a sidebar widget.

3. Internet Speed Test :

The plugin allows you to embed speed test for your website via a shortcode. Measure download, upload, ping and jitter. Autodetects users language preference, Modern, responsive, full HTTPS support

4. WP Server Stats :

WP Server Stats plugin will give you the ability to monitor your WordPress site at it’s core level. With all most important server stats like allocated memory, realtime memory & CPU usage etc. you can always identify if something wrong is going on with your site.

5. Fast Internet Provider WordPress Theme :

A slow web connection often makes web surfers crawl up the wall because of constant waiting. Fortunately, there are many providers of highspeed Internet services that can save users’ time and peace of mind. If you want to contribute to their virtual promotion, you’re recommended to build a website using this template. Once sufferers of slow connection cast a glance at its image of a person holding a large globe, they’ll realize there’s no place in the world they can’t reach with the help of the advertized services. You’ll also be able to assure people that they will get rid of their stress from hangups due to a light color scheme creating a sense of tranquility. Use this template to help fast Internet providers prevent the World Wide Web from turning into the World Wide Wait.

6. Noanet | Internet Provider And Digital Network WordPress Theme :

Noanet | Internet Provider and Digital Network WordPress Theme is awesome and clean Theme one / multi pages template. Noanet is designed to Internet Provider and Digital Network Companies. Noanet for your Web Hosting Business, a creative agency, Technology Websites or any company website!. Noanet theme support you many great tools to enable the features via using Theme Options, you also can customize Google fonts without code very easy and simple. Finally, every single element of in Noanet is entirely responsive, as content can be viewed from desktop and mobile devices.

7. UltraNet – Broadband & Internet Service Providers WordPress Theme:

UltraNet is a powerful and responsive WordPress Theme ever with pretty advanced features for especially ISP and Broadband Internet Services Business websites. It has all the features what you need for a Business with Internet Service Provideds with advanced functionality.

8. Eonet – Responsive Communities & Networks WordPress Theme :

Eonet is a fast and interaction-based WordPress self-hosted web application for Communities and Networks of any size and color!

Yes! It aims to boost interactivity between your members through a complete web application composed of the Eonet theme and the Eonet components. Fully customizable and scalable to suit any of your project without any coding.

9. MaxiNet | Broadband & Telecom WordPress Theme :

Today, modern broadband & telecom Internet service is the most used form of Internet access because of its high access speed. So no doubt, our refined vibrant clean & fresh MaxiNet WordPress theme will be highly appreciated by a contemporary Internet company, Internet provider firm, telecommunication bureau services, telecom agency, wide bandwidth data transmission business organization, corporate telephone lines, computer networks, TV, trendy television, analog video store, cable television shop, and alternative technologies.

10. WP Multi Network :

Turn your WordPress Multisite installation into many multisite networks, surrounding one global set of users.

WP Multi Network allows global administrators to create new networks with their own sites and domain arrangements.

11. ISP Pro – Broadband and Internet Service Providers WP Plugin :

The only plugin which gives you full control over feasibility checker and making your connections availability checker for new customers will be easy with this plugin.

This plugin is best suitable for a local internet service providers who wants to add an option for visitors or customers to search for the internet connection feasibility in their cities or areas based on zip codes too.

12. Better Net – ISP Billing with Mikrotik & Ticketing :

This application is build for Internet Service Providers to manage their clients more efficiently. Better Net provides a smart account management system that makes user billing and payments very easy for you.

Better Net integrates Mikrotik API. So you do not have to log into your Mikrotik router every time to perform simple tasks like creating user, changing user package, enable, disable and removing user from Mikrotik. You can do all these from Better Net admin panel.

13. WP-ISPConfig 3 :

The WP ISPConfig 3 plugin allows you to create frontend/customer registration forms and backend/checkout functions to create clients, websites, and shell users directly into the ISPConfig Control Panel by using its REST API.

14. Internet Services WordPress Theme :

This WordPress theme is developed to build web presence for Internet providers, but will also come in handy for any company whose owners need an elegant and lively site. Featuring light background, this design is brightened up with motley banners and a large positive image that can set a cheerful tone in the mood of your portal. The color of typography, icons and buttons, blue dominates in the templates palette to add a sense of reliability to your web resource. By means of a dropdown menu, backtotop button and informative footer, your site will have smooth navigation, which will stimulate visitors to deal with it.

15. Internet WordPress Theme :

This theme will help your company take the leading position on the market of internet services providing. Its design is super contemporary and creative. Three pricing plans are placed over the background photo. This creates the effect of text blocks soaring in the air. Colored text below is clearly legible over the dark background. The images look bright and fresh. Additional information about the company can be read above the footer. Funny icons that are understandable by everybody give customers a clear notion of each link purpose.

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